Competition introduction

The County Innovation Challenge Fund (CICF) operates as part of the UK Department for International Development's Fund (DFID's) "Reducing maternal and Neonatal Death in Kenya (2013-2018) programme; a five-year programme implemented by UNICEF, Marie Stopes International / Options Consultancy Services Limited Options, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), and other partners. 

The CICF invites innovations that increase access to and/or utilisation of quality maternal and new born health services by:

  1. Strengthening health systems to manage and deliver quality maternal and new-born health services; and/or
  2. Increasing demand for quality maternal and new-born health services.

The CICF has run three competitions for both innovation and scale up projects. The first two rounds called for both types of solutions (Innovation and Scale up) whereas the third round sought for innovation projects only

Competitions summary

Innovation Competition

Scaling Competition


Round Three Winners

The Fund marked its entry into a third round of innovations on 15 September 2017, with an award ceremony in Nairobi for five new organizations that are joining the fund’s portfolio.

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Round Two Winners

Our grantees have made great strides on the quest for better, more accessible maternal and neonatal healthcare services

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Round One Winners

Innovative technologies are improving maternal and new-born health in the six focus counties

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